April 2016

Black Art unveils it´s new Serpent based 1/12 scale conversion kit, dubbed PG 12, at the Euros in Trencin (SVK).



December 2015

Markus Mobers wins Modified at the Masters of Foam with our fantastic BA 006. 

Congratulations from Black Art Racing.


October 2015

Finally you can purchase our products online easily through OUR WEBSHOP!


Just klick on "Products" in the main menu and you will find a list of all our products (we even issued a re-run of some of your favorite Black Art bodies that were out of stock for a while).

Ordering is easy via email, payment even easier through paypal (or bank transfer if you prefer).


March 2015



Markus Mobers wins the modified class using our high-downforce BA008 body.

Martin Wilfinger finishes third in modified with his Black Art XB22 converted CRC car using our smooth and fast BA006 body.


February 2015

NEWSFLASH from the Austrian 1/12 Mod Nationals

Martin Wilfinger secures a great second place after winning A1 with his Black Art bodied and chassied car.


NEWSFLASH from the Belgian Masters of Foam

Alex Laurent wins 1/12 stock and finishes 4th in 1/12 Mod on his Black Art CRC conversion car.

Simon Rubet finishes 4th in World GT with our beautiful and fast BA 007 GT86 body.




January 2015



Simon Rubet wins the 1/12 Stock class.

Alex Laurent wins 1/12 Mod.






January 10-11 2015 the Austrian Stock Nationals were held at Black Art Raceway in Traiskirchen.

After the intense racing had settled, long time Black Art driver Robin Kaiser
was crowned the first Austrian 1/12 Stock National Champion.
Teammate Dominic Vogl came in second with Clemens Toscani in fifth,
making 3 out of the top 5 cars Black Art bodied and chassied.

Herbert Weber, running his CRC WTF1, continued his dominance in the F1 class
with an easy start-finish-win in each of the three mains.

Michael Skolnik made a strong comeback in WGT 10.5 with an excellent second spot on the podium.


October 2014

NEWSFLASH from the 1/12 Worlds in Florida

Black Art team driver Alexandre Laurent wins B-Main 2 and finishes 11th with his Black Art XB 22 chassis and the new BA 008 body! 


March 2014

NEWSFLASH from the 1/12 Euros in Italy

Great results for Black Art at the 1/12 Euros in Italy:

8 out of 10 A-finalists in Stock use Black Art products.
4 out of 10 A-finalists in Modified use Black Art products.
5 out of 6 podiums (Stock and Mod combined) go to Team Black Art.


Final results of the Austrian 1/12 champioships:

Top 4 on Black Art chassis and bodies:

1. Jakob Zündl

2. Rene Dockter

3. Dominic Vogl

4. Robin Kaiser


February 2014

The new BA 006 and BA 008 1/12 bodies are soon ready for shipping.

While the BA 006 focuses on 1/12 stock with alot of turn and medium rear downforce, the BA 008 will be the new standard for 1/12 modified with alot of rear downforce, precise steering and a fin for straight line stability.